Friday, June 8, 2012

Arsty Shmartsy

I am far from artistic but love viewing what others create, only wishing I could be skilled enough. 
When I saw tall painting, I knew I had to try this with Little A, but what would we do with a block of wood after pour painting it? Then I saw it, the perfect idea, pour painting on a flower pot! We love dirt and flowers and I can be a bit more capable with that. 
And how can I mess up, pour painting? Well I did find a learning curve, less is better, but love the beautiful outcomes! 

Acrylic Paint - Takes a bit to start up the overflow

And down it comes. Little A was ever so excited for squeezing the paint

Adding more layers

So beautiful, love the marbling of colors

Just needs to dry

This is the first one - got a little heavy on the amount
of paint but still love it!