Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Visit From the Sandman

The past few weeks have created an increased challenge at bed time with Little A. With a bit of a mixed up routine with the new baby and her quickly approaching to the trying twos, she's trying to find herself and adapt to it all.

Last night when hubby was working through the bed time routine, Little A was quite oppositional and sprouting tantrums. As I was trying to get Baby R fed and to sleep, it came to me that a visit from the sandman might help distract her and redirect the goals for bed time. I found a small container of glitter (uh-oh) and sat at Little A's bedside, hiding the container of glitter in my hands. I shared with her my conversation with the sandman and that he wanted me to help him sprinkle his special sleeping sand to help her fall asleep. I kept the container hidden in my palm and dipped my finger into a couple specs of glitter. I rubbed it on her cheeks expressing how sleepy the sandman's sand will make her feel. She got into it, asking it to be rubbed on different parts of her body. As we progressed, she began to rest her body and settle down for bed. She allowed the lights to be shut off and cuddled in for sleep, taking only a few more minutes to be sleeping.
Tonight she was excited for another visit from the sandman and allowed a smooth transition from lights on to lights off. It took a while for her to eventually fall asleep, but the tantrums were non-existent.