Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Messy Home is the Sign of a Good Mom?

Have you ever had a day where you just want to curl back in your bed and keep the blanket over your head?
With Christmas in just a few days, a newborn and a toddler to nurture, and a house that literally looks like an earthquake hit, no a tornado, no a tornado AND an earthquake, that is more like it, I have been beside myself!

Let's play an imagining game: Dirty laundry piled to the ceiling, clean clothes mixed with dirty on the floor, which is which, ahh just throw them all in the wash, clean laundry to be folded and put away, toys scattered in all rooms of the house, cereal dumped on the kitchen floor (thanks Little A), and dishes that need to get washed.

Trying to find a starting place in any mess is hard, but when I have to nurse and maybe think about bathing oh and maybe I will get a chance to eat, it is a bit overwhelming, not including having my sweet little tot continuing to add to the upheaval.
I managed a shower only to be presentable while expecting people to stop in, why do they have to come when my house is at its worse?!

As I threaten to bring out the shovel and a garbage bag, I wonder how others manage sanity and a clean home with a two year old and newborn. I know I am a good mom, but as I continue to try to find an equilibrium with two, I feel guilty for not providing the quality 1 on 1 time for Little A as I did before baby R arrived. Is there a secret I am not being let in on?

Well, it is time to get cleaning only to learn my vacuum has kicked the bucket, I am out of dish washing liquid, Little A has lathered herself in chapstick, toothpaste exploded in my bathroom sink, and ... Baby R wants to eat again. I guess I will have to try to start this again later.
The cycle repeats, just when the girls are both taking a nap at the same time it is time to uproot for Baby R's well child check up (she passed with flying colors and is healthy).

Back home, Little A is napping and Daddy's home, buuut Baby R needs to eat again.
Where is the time, when will my house be clean, when can I wash my floors? Every time I get a glimmer of hope - something comes up.

Well, here is my holiday cheer, the kids are in bed, and I am off to wrap gifts, clean house, finish a sewing project, and maybe, just maybe, get some sleep.

So, if you ever want to stop by, please don't judge, don't run, just know I am a mom that loves her children and I will find a balance, but I am going to put my girls' needs first. If you know the secret of how to keep a clean home, fed children, educated children, AND sanity, please, fill me in.